Allow me to shift my attention from my past to my future...

"To my sweet little Monkey,

I have absolutely loved being pregnant with you.  Aside from some morning sickness in the beginning, this has been a very stress-free and wonderful experience. For the last 38 weeks you and I have shared nourishment, hormones, pokes, and my off-key singing in the car. I'm really going to miss your wee kicks, squirms and wiggles.

Your personality is already showing itself to your daddy and me. When we poke you during your active time you squiggle in response. You move around very vigorously when you hear music, or when we're having a ride on the boat, or when I'm dancing around while doing my chores. Unlike most babies you are very active during the afternoon and early evening hours. You seem to like being involved with my conversations throughout the day, because you like distracting me with a sudden somersault or urgent kick to my bladder while I'm chatting with a friend or talking with your daddy. Luckily, you settle down around 11:00 at night so that you and I can get a good night's sleep. If I have a bad dream that something is wrong you give me a mighty kick when I anxiously nudge you to make sure you're still ok in there.

When we found out I was pregnant your daddy and I were beyond excited. We always knew we wanted to have a family. You became very real to us the day we went for our first ultrasound. That day, as we watched you on the screen moving your arms and legs, and saw your strong little heart beating we were in awe that we had created such a perfect, tiny life. We looked at each other and realized that our lives had just changed forever. As we drove home something happened in my heart -- a new chamber had magically appeared and was filling with a new love for you that overwhelmed me. I cried. I think your daddy might have cried too, but he'll probably deny it!?

The day I first felt you kick was no doubt the highlight of my pregnancy. I remember looking at your daddy with wonder as I put my hand on my tummy. You were getting stronger. I could hardly wait for you to get strong enough for your daddy to feel you. And when he finally did he gave me a tender look of amazement that I'll never forget.

As I write this you are moving around in my tummy, no doubt trying to get comfortable in an increasingly cramped nest. I have done everything I can these last few months to provide you with a safe environment so that you could grow strong and healthy. Your daddy and I will continue to keep you safe, happy and healthy in this big, strange world you're soon about to enter. You are the tangible result of a love that will become even stronger when we bring you back home.

I love you very, very much and I can't wait to meet you!

Love, Mummy"



Crishna Boyne
09/10/2009 10:51pm

OMG thats the most beautiful thing I have ever read!!! I'm Mikes cousin distant in ways but family .. Congratulations on your little one! We just had our little boy last october and when they say time flies they actually mean it take time to enjoy the little things.. and try to capture every moment.
Regards Crishna


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